Dr. Oldham is announcing that Covid-19 realities have led him to accelerate his timetable for retirement.  Dr. Michael Vincent, a widely respected local plastic surgeon, has agreed to be available to see Dr. Oldham's patients who need plastic surgery services. Rated as a "Top Plastic Surgeon" by Washingtonian Magazine, Dr. Vincent also served as Consultant to the White House and Congress and as surgeon for two past Presidents before starting his career in private practice in Rockville.  

Dr. Vincent's contact information is:

15245 Shady Grove Road #155

Rockville, MD 20850

240 912-4708

Thank you for your interest in our practice.

Rejuvenate Your Appearance with Long-lasting JUVÉDERM®

An older woman with a youthful appearanceDr. Roger J. Oldham administers JUVÉDERM® injections for patients in Bethesda, MD, and the greater Washington, DC, area to eliminate mild to moderate facial wrinkles. This safe injectable treatment is minimally invasive and produces dramatic results. Like other dermal fillers, it adds volume and fills in lines and wrinkles for a more youthful and refreshed appearance. Dr. Oldham will use his expertise to assess your needs and determine if JUVÉDERM® is right for you.

What is JUVÉDERM®?

JUVÉDERM® is a dermal filler that uses an injectable gel to enhance volume and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Like other dermal fillers, JUVÉDERM® works by attracting water to the treatment areas with hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the body. This helps to fill in lines and create a smoother skin tone.

How is it Different from Other Injectables?

The primary difference between JUVÉDERM® and other dermal fillers is how long the results last. Many injectable treatments last six months or less, requiring multiple injections to maintain your results. With JUVÉDERM®, you can expect your results to last up to a year or more. As your results begin to fade, you can elect to undergo a touch-up; however, most patients typically need less of the injectable gel to achieve the desired results during subsequent treatments.

What to Expect during the Injection Process

Once Dr. Oldham determines JUVÉDERM® is the best dermal filler to meet your needs and goals, he can target treatment areas and schedule your appointment. If you take anti-inflammatory medications regularly, you will need to stop taking them for up to three days before your appointment to diminish the possibility of bruising following the injections. 

JUVÉDERM® is a safe injectable treatment that is minimally invasive and produces dramatic results.

On the day of your appointment, we will cleanse the specified treatment area. Most patients report minimal discomfort with the injection process, but a numbing cream can be applied if necessary. Once the numbing cream has taken effect, Dr. Oldham will inject the gel into the treatment area. 

Injectable treatments typically take 30 minutes or less. You can resume your normal day-to-day activities immediately following your appointment. Redness, swelling, and mild bruising can occur at the injection site and should subside within a day or so. For the first 48 hours, you should apply and remove makeup gently and ensure your skin is properly protected from the sun. While you may notice immediate improvements in your facial contours, it could take three or more days before your final results are fully visible. 

Benefits of JUVÉDERM®

The safety and effectiveness of JUVÉDERM® make it an excellent treatment solution for a wide range of patients. It is most appropriate for patients who want long-lasting results but are not yet ready to undergo surgery. JUVÉDERM® treatments last up to a full year or more for most patients, and because less product is needed for retreatment, it is more cost effective. You will enjoy enhanced volume and contours and smoother skin with fewer apparent lines and wrinkles. 

Learn How You Can Benefit from Dermal Fillers

If you want to achieve a more youthful appearance without surgery, contact our office today to schedule a consultation. Dr. Oldham can help you determine which dermal filler can best meet your individual needs and goals so you can enjoy greater confidence and a rejuvenated appearance.

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