Dr. Oldham is announcing that Covid-19 realities have led him to accelerate his timetable for retirement.  Dr. Michael Vincent, a widely respected local plastic surgeon, has agreed to be available to see Dr. Oldham's patients who need plastic surgery services. Rated as a "Top Plastic Surgeon" by Washingtonian Magazine, Dr. Vincent also served as Consultant to the White House and Congress and as surgeon for two past Presidents before starting his career in private practice in Rockville.  

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Eliminate Signs of Aging with Fraxel Laser Treatment

Exposure to the elements and the passage of time can cause small cosmetic imperfections over the years. Dr. Roger J. Oldham offers Fraxel® laser treatment at his Bethesda, MD, plastic surgery practice as a noninvasive treatment option for eliminating facial irregularities and signs of aging, such as sun spots, crow’s feet, or acne scars. A specialist in facial rejuvenation, Dr. Oldham strives to personalize treatment to every individual.

The Basics of Fraxel Laser Treatment

Fraxel laser treatment is a noninvasive procedure that rejuvenates skin by triggering the production of new collagen. This procedure precisely targets problem areas while leaving the surrounding skin untouched. This laser-based treatment reduces and even eliminates fine lines and wrinkles while enhancing the overall tone and texture of the skin for a refreshed, youthful appearance.

Closeup on a woman's eyes.

While signs of aging are inevitable, the Fraxel laser treatment ensures that they do not have to be permanent. 

Candidates for Treatment

As a noninvasive cosmetic procedure, Fraxel laser treatment is potentially available to any patient who is interested. However, it is typically recommended to individuals unhappy with early signs of aging, from fine lines around the eyes to sunspots, acne scars, and even freckles. Patients should be aware, however, that this treatment is not appropriate for everyone. For deep lines, creases, or sagging skin, cosmetic procedures such as a face lift, brow lift, or blepharoplasty may be more suitable. During your initial consultation with Dr. Oldham, he can help you determine which treatment is most appropriate for your aesthetic goals.

How Does Fraxel Laser Treatment Work?

The name Fraxel comes from the treatment's targeted approach: rather than comprehensively resurfacing all of the skin, the lasers target only small fractions. As a result, the surrounding healthy cells are left intact for faster, easier healing.

If you are embarrassed or self-conscious about minor cosmetic flaws or imperfections, Fraxel laser treatment may help eliminate signs of aging.

During the procedure, light energy from the laser is directed just below the surface of the skin onto the desired area. As the laser warms the skin, it encourages the body’s natural collagen production. The result is diminished lines and wrinkles, and healthier, younger-looking skin. During the healing phase, new skin continues to generate new, rejuvenated skin.

How Does Fraxel Laser Treatment Compare to Alternative Methods?

While treatments such as microdermabrasions and chemical peels offer similar results to the Fraxel laser, they are often much more invasive. Because Fraxel laser treatment targets only problematic areas, it is much more conservative. Furthermore, it does not remove any part of the epidermis during treatment. Instead, the laser light energy passes through the layers of skin, targeting specific, separate points of damaged tissue. Consequently, the majority of patients enjoy a comfortable and speedy recovery.

Because Fraxel laser therapy requires virtually zero downtime, patients can resume normal activities immediately after treatment. Although some degree of redness, irritation, or swelling is normal, most patients find that these effects diminish after a week or two.

Smooth Out Imperfections in Your Skin

If you are embarrassed or self-conscious about minor cosmetic flaws or imperfections, Fraxel laser treatment may help eliminate signs of aging for a boost in confidence. To determine if you are a candidate for this procedure, schedule a visit with Dr. Oldham. You can contact us online anytime or call our office at (301) 530-6100.

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