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What Are the Factors Involved in Neck Lift Cost?

If you have decided that a neck lift is right for you, understanding all aspects of the procedure will help you feel prepared and confident about your decision. Dr. Roger J. Oldham can explain the factors involved in neck lift cost at his Bethesda, MD, cosmetic surgery practice. Some of these factors include the anesthesia and hospital or surgical center fees, medical tests or lab work and post-operative medications. 

Factors that Can Affect Cost

The overall cost of a neck lift can vary significantly, and is based on many factors. Since neck lift surgery is considered an elective procedure, it will generally not be covered by health insurance, and the cost will be paid for out of pocket. Therefore, having a thorough understanding of the cost details can be very important. 

One factor to think about when considering cost is the procedure type. Depending on your goals, and whether you want a subtle or more dramatic effect, you may only need to undergo a liposuction procedure. This can remove excess tissue from the neck, and greatly improve the appearance of this area.

If you desire a more dramatic effect, this can involve a more extensive surgery, with small incisions made beneath the chin or behind the ear. The surgery technique involves removing fat deposits and tightening muscles.

Table comparing Dr. Oldham's neck lift cost factors to other surgeons.

Another factor that affects the cost of your procedure is anesthesia. Dr. Oldham will discuss these options with you and suggest an anesthesia type based on your treatment plan. You may only require local anesthesia and a sedative. However, the extent of your procedure could require general anesthesia by a board certified anesthesiologist. The cost of local anesthesia is generally the same as general anesthesia.

Skill level and experience are very important to consider when selecting a cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Oldham leverages contemporary technology for patient comfort and minimally invasive procedures.

Other contributors to neck lift cost can include surgeon’s fees and hospital or surgical center fees. Most minor surgeries are performed at our onsite certified ambulatory surgery center, certified by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (A.A.A.H.C.). Since Dr. Oldham can perform neck lift surgery onsite, this eliminates extra surgeon’s fees and hospital or surgical center fees. 

Finally, other cost factors include medical tests or lab work and post-operative medications. Sometimes, a neck lift is combined with other facial surgeries, which can also increase cost. These could include face lift, rhinoplasty, brow lift, or eye lid surgery.

Invest in Skill and Experience

Honored as a top plastic surgeon in the Washington D.C. area for many years by multiple publications, Dr. Roger J. Oldham is widely respected for his excellence in cosmetic surgery. He is a Fellow with the American College of Surgeons, and maintains hospital privilege at Shady Grove, Suburban, Sibley, and Holy Cross Hospitals.

Skill level and experience are very important to consider when selecting a cosmetic surgeon. With an extraordinary reputation and extensive experience, you can trust Dr. Oldman to help you select the cosmetic procedures that will deliver the results you want to achieve.

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