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Feb 08 2008

I have very large breasts and need a breast reduction. Since I also have very sagging breasts, I think I need a lift as well. Can that be done at the same time?

Nearly all women with large breasts who want a breast reduction also have sagging and desire to have the breasts lifted. We define sagging in this context as nipples which are below the inframammary crease. (The inframammary crease is the fold under the breasts where the breasts and lower chest meet.) A breast lift is nearly always routinely done with a breast reduction to get the desired result.

Jan 23 2008

I have had a mole all of my life, but recently it has been changing. Since I have had it so long, is it safe to leave it alone?

Melanoma, a potentially life-threatening skin cancer, can start as a melanoma or it can start as a normal mole and later turn into a melanoma.  Any mole which changes in any way should be evaluated for possible mole removal.

Jan 18 2008

Are silicone implants safe?

The FDA took silicone breast implants off the market in 1992 out of concern for the safety of patients having breast augmentation.  Since that time there have been many studies which show there is no relationship between silicone breast implants and medical illnesses.  In 2006, they were re-introduced and approved for general use.

Jan 16 2008

I have heard of people having a chin impant at the same time as a rhinoplasty. Is that common?

A receding chin creates an optical illusion with the facial profile which makes the nose look larger.  For a person seeking a rhinoplasty for a large nose, a chin augmentation for an underdeveloped chin is a very effective procedure to balance the profile and to make the nose appear smaller.

Jan 14 2008

Is it necessary to wear an elastic garment after liposuction and how long must it be worn?

While some plastic surgeons do not recommend an elastic garment following liposuction and others recommend a garment for a few months, most surgeons feel that two weeks is an optimal period of time.

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