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Apr 28 2011

Redefining “Cosmetic” Surgery: Breast Reduction in Bethesda, Maryland


For more than 25 years, Dr. Roger J. Oldham has dedicated his medical practice serving patients through state-of-the-art surgical techniques and compassionate patient care.  Through breast surgery procedures like breast augmentation, breast lift, combined lift and augmentation, and Breast reduction surgery, Dr. Oldham has helped countless women over the past two decades by helping them feel more comfortable and confident with their breast shape and size.

The breast is a powerful aspect of the female body.  It is revered for. . .

Apr 06 2011

FAQ: Will insurance cover my breast reduction? Bethesda Plastic Surgeon Answers


Since Dr. Roger J. Oldham began caring for patients through plastic surgery procedures more than 25 years ago, advancements in surgical techniques have progressed quickly.  Also progressive have been attitudes about the benefits of plastic surgery, especially the health benefits of a procedure like Breast reduction surgery which helps patients with large breasts seek more a proportional and comfortable breast size.  Some health insurance companies have even approved the surgery as medically necessary, but, as Dr. Oldham often advises patients, this is a difficult claim to get accepted by HMOs.

 As Dr. Oldham’s experience shows, there are a number of instances . . .

Mar 19 2011

Resize and Reshape breasts with Breast Reduction surgery in Bethesda, Maryland

 Have you tried everything? Weight loss? Supportive bras? Physical therapy?  If you are still dissatisfied with the large size of your breasts, Dr. Roger J. Oldham, Bethesda board-certified plastic surgeon, understands and wants to help.  Breast reduction surgery is a surgical alternative that helps women with large breasts by removing excess tissue and relocating drifting nipples.  Breast reduction surgery is recommended for women who have maintained a regular weight and who have experienced other health conditions because of the breasts.

With breast reduction surgery. . .

Feb 26 2011

The Solution to Enlarged Breasts is just a phone call away: Breast Reduction right here in Bethesda

For more than two decades now, board certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Roger J. Oldham, has cared for women who seek breast surgery to enlarge (breast augmentation), reduce (breast reduction) or change the shape of (breast lift) their breasts.  Breast reduction surgery is common among women because it offers a surgical solution to enlarged breasts that physical therapy and chiropractics sometimes cannot. Because the breasts are so large, they begin to impact the structure of the upper body, requiring more and more support pressure to be placed on the lower back because the abdomen simply cannot bear it.  Dr. Oldham can help you alleviate this pain with breast reduction surgery.

Dr. Oldham performs surgery at Shady Grove Hospital . . .

Feb 09 2011

“I wish I’d done it sooner!” says Dr. Oldham’s pleased Breast Reduction patient

In his 25 years of experience, Dr. Roger J. Oldham has committed his cosmetic surgery practice to caring for patients who desire a certain difference in their personal appearance.  Our outside appearance can be so very influential in what we think about ourselves on the inside.  Women, for example, often feel dissatisfied with their breasts and over the decades American women have sought a wide range of breast surgery options: breast augmentation, breast lift (without implants), breast lift (with implants), andBreast reduction surgery.  With breast reduction especially, Dr. Oldham feels like he is able to give Bethesda women their lives back.  Many patients express their satisfaction with the procedure, but lament how long they waited to have it. . .

Jan 19 2011

Breast Reduction Coverage: document prior treatments, advises Dr. Roger J. Oldham, Bethesda Cosmetic Surgeon

In plastic surgery, very few treatments and procedures are considered “medically necessary” by health insurance companies.  Breast reduction is often the only exception to this rule, but confirming coverage can be difficult.  Dr. Roger J. Oldham is a cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon in Bethesda which means he has decades of experience performing procedures like breast augmentation, tummy tuck, neck lift, and liposuction.  He, as well as his office staff, are very familiar negotiating insurance claims with various organizations.  With breast reduction surgery, Dr. Oldham has helped countless patients over the years by relieving the body of enlarged breasts that cause a number of related problems, specially in the neck, shoulders, and both upper and lower back. . .

Jan 01 2011

Breast Reduction surgery to ease your pain and give you back your life: Dr. Roger J. Oldham of Bethesda offers advice

When patients in Bethesda seek a plastic surgeon for their breast surgery, they want a doctor who is board certified, experienced, and well-known around the Washington D.C. area.  Dr. Roger J. Oldhamhas more than 25 years of experience and has been board certified for nearly the same amount of time. Breast reduction surgery is among these and is common for women who are dissatisfied with the large size of their breasts.  They desire smaller breasts that more nicely fit the proportions of their body, as seen in these pictures of patients before and after breast reduction surgery with Dr. Oldham. 

If you’re considering Breast reduction surgery and want to know if insurance will cover it. . .

Dec 15 2010

Breast Reduction Surgery: The only solution to your back problems? Discuss it with Bethesda Plastic Surgeon

For the previous 25+ years, Dr. Roger J. Oldham has been serving the women of Washington D.C. and Bethesda with innovative and individualized breast surgery procedures including breast augmentation, breast lift, combined lift and augmentation, and breast reduction surgery. For women, the breast is a focal point of women’s femininity, and Dr. Oldham understands how breast reduction surgery can help women achieve the breast size that would maximize their self-esteem and confidence.

 Breast reduction surgery is a special procedure designed to remove excess breast tissue and skin from enlarged breasts. . .

Nov 20 2010

Breast Reduction to Correct Asymmetry in the Breasts: See Dr. Roger J. Oldham of Bethesda, Maryland

In his 25+ years of experience Dr. Roger J. Oldham, board certified plastic surgeon, has seen patients seeking breast surgery (breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction) for a number of personal reasons.  Breast reduction surgery, however, is often considered a reconstructive procedure (vs. more cosmetic procedures like breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, facelift, blepharoplasty).  And Dr. Oldham thinks about breast reduction in terms of reconstruction because it is indeed rebuilding enlarged breasts or naturally-occurring asymmetry in the breasts. . .

Oct 19 2010

Unhappy with Enlarged Breasts? Breast Reduction Surgery with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Roger J. Oldham

 Dr. Roger J. Oldham, board certified plastic surgeon, has been caring for the women of Washington D.C. and Bethesda, Maryland by performing a wide range of breast surgery procedures, including breast augmentation, breast lift and augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction surgery.  Dr. Oldham is a cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon which means that in addition to breast reduction surgery, he offers both cosmetic (abdominoplasty/tummy tuck, facelift, liposuction, rhinoplasty) and reconstructive (ear lobe repair, mole removal, laser for lentigo, and skin cancer removal) procedures and treatments.  For some patients, however, Dr. Oldham is known primarily for his skill in breast surgery, especially breast reduction surgery for women with enlarged breasts. . .

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