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Mar 31 2020

Sleep and Rest Tips for Recovery after Breast Augmentation

Blonde-haired woman sleeps in bed with grey bedsheetsAfter your breast augmentation surgery at Dr. Roger Oldham’s plastic surgery center, serving patients in Bethesda, MD, other areas of Maryland, and Washington, DC, you will be given detailed recovery guidelines. These tips will help you avoid unwanted side effects and complications while you heal.

Rest is a critical component of your recovery. Patients should rest in certain positions when possible for their comfort and healing. Many of our patients have questions about which positions are ideal for ensuring a healthy recovery. In this blog post, we discuss which sleep positions are recommended after breast augmentation.

Recommended Sleeping Positions after Surgery

Quality sleep can ensure that your wounds heal quickly and that you enjoy the cosmetic benefits of breast augmentation. Most people have a preferred position. Your body’s orientation at night can affect how comfortable your implants feel, how easily your blood flows to your upper body, and how much pressure is put on your breasts while they heal.

Benefits of Resting on Your Back

Regardless of how you are used to sleeping at night, sleeping on your back (supine position) with your torso, neck, and head slightly elevated will offer the most benefits and the lowest risk of side effects or complications. There are two main benefits to the elevated supine position.

One, the body position places the least amount of pressure on your chest. Resting on your stomach places part of your body’s weight directly on the implants, which may be uncomfortable and possibly a source of irritation for your sutures.

Two, the elevated position prevents excess blood pressure on your breasts while they are healing. Extra blood flow can potentially increase swelling and fluid retention in the breast tissue. By placing a pillow behind your neck and upper body (at 30 to 40 degrees), you can let gravity to do the work of keeping swelling down while you sleep.

Tips for Maintaining Your Sleep Position at Night

Don’t wait until your surgery is over to begin adjusting to this position. In the weeks before your surgery, begin resting on your back. Many of our patients find that placing pillows on either side of their body helps them maintain their position while they heal.

Other Sleep-related Recovery Considerations

Sufficient and quality sleep has been shown to reduce post-operative discomfort. You should maintain your supine position for several weeks if possible. If you find that this position disrupts your ability to sleep comfortably, try alternating with resting on your side.

Investing in quality linens, pillows, and blankets can also make rest comfortable or even enjoyable. Beyond following the tips offered in this blog post, you can have better night’s sleep by:

  • Reducing or cutting out caffeine in the evening or late afternoon
  • Avoiding alcohol
  • Eating a healthy, plant-based diet
  • Turning on a fan or another source of ambient noise at night
  • Cutting out light or electronic devices in the evening
  • Take time to slowly walk each day after surgery to reduce the risk of blood clots

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