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Oct 23 2018

Achieve Natural Results with Breast Implant Revision for Rippling

A person holding a breast implant in their hand under lightsBreast implant rippling is when implants develop wrinkles and the skin around the breast looks creased or folded. Many women who have implant rippling want to address this cosmetic issue with a breast implant revision surgery.

If your implants have begun to ripple, Dr. Roger J. Oldham can perform breast implant revision for rippling at our Bethesda, MD practice. Read on to learn more about this issue, who is at risk for developing rippling it, and how Dr. Oldham can successfully overcome it with a revision surgery.

A Greater Risk of Rippling with Saline Implants

Breast implant rippling is more likely to occur with saline implants rather than silicone. The reason being is that the saltwater solution inside the implant is less resilient to external forces than viscous silicone. That said, rippling is possible with silicone implants.

Improperly Filled Implants Are Often to Blame

A saline implant is placed in the chest cavity unfilled and filled by the surgeon after placement. (Silicone implants are surgically placed already entirely intact.)

Rippling often occurs due to the saline implant being over- or under-filled. In the instance of an over-filled implant, the edge of the shell is taut and begins to pull, causing a rippling appearance. Conversely, an under-filled implant may fold or wrinkle as it caves or collapses in due to the extra space. 

Implant Placement Can Put You At-Risk for Rippling

Subglandular placement of a saline implant, or above the pectoral muscle, is associated with an increased risk of rippling. Alternatively, a submuscular placement, under the pectoral muscle, reduces the likelihood of rippling.

Essentially, when there is less tissue covering the implant, there is a greater chance of rippling. Similarly, women with thinner frames, therefore less tissue covering the implant, are more likely to experience rippling.

Correcting Rippling with Implant Replacement

Regardless of the cause of rippling, most women with this complication will choose to have it corrected. While rippling does not put your health at-risk per se, it is apparent and undermines the otherwise positive cosmetic benefits of breast augmentation.

Women that have rippling with saline breast implants can have them replaced with silicone implants. This will go far in ensuring a more uniform appearance and prevent a repeat incidence of rippling.

In the event only one implant has started to ripple, we nonetheless recommend replacing both implants with silicone implants. Having the same implant types is crucial to achieve optimal cosmetic results.

Correcting rippling with a revision surgery is very similar to a breast augmentation procedure. Dr. Oldham will create an incision, often at your previous incision site, to access your implant.

Once the implant is removed, the new implant is set in place. If you previously had a subglandular placement, a submuscular placement may be recommended.

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Rippled implants can significantly impact a patient's self-image. By undergoing breast implant revision surgery with Dr. Oldham, you can enjoy restored curves and self-confidence. Learn more about this procedure by scheduling an appointment. You can call us at (301) 530-6100 or use our online form.

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