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Apr 13 2018

Tummy Tuck for Men: Body Contouring After Weight Loss

Tummy Tuck for Men - Bethesda, MD

A man pinching his flankMore and more men are undergoing cosmetic surgery in order to look younger and more energetic. The popularity of male plastic surgery will likely increase as time goes on as the old-fashioned gender stereotypes about cosmetic procedures become a thing of the past.

Many men who come to our Bethesda, MD plastic surgery practice have questions about tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty). Let’s consider some of the basics of the procedure and why the tummy tuck is a good option for men in search of body sculpting surgery.

How Tummy Tuck Works

A tummy tuck is a type of body contouring surgery that helps reduce sagging and drooping of the lower abdominal area. It’s common for people who have lost a great deal of weight, whether through diet and exercise or because of bariatric surgery.

Thanks to tummy tuck surgery, the loose skin can be removed, the underlying structures of the abdomen revised, and a slimmer, trimmer overall look achieved.

Ideal Candidates for Tummy Tuck

Good candidates for tummy tuck are people who have stretch marks, loose skin, and other aesthetic problems that are the result of major weight loss. They should be in good enough physical health to undergo a body contouring procedure without severe risk to wellness.

During the consultation process, we can assess your situation and determine if a tummy tuck is an ideal treatment option for you and your needs.

Why Men Should Consider a Tummy Tuck

If you are a man who has a lost a lot of weight, you’re on the road to wellness and a better future. However, the loose skin can leave you feeling self-conscious. Even if you exercise and eat right, that loose skin isn’t going away without surgery.

Thanks to the tummy tuck, a man can achieve a much more athletic frame. While getting back into shape, you’ll have a better overall muscle tone and figure. The improved confidence after tummy tuck can be helpful as you move forward with your life.

The Tummy Tuck Procedure

During a tummy tuck, a surgeon makes three incisions in an anchor-shaped pattern:

  • One circular incision around the belly button
  • A lateral incision that spans from hipbone to hipbone
  • A vertical incision along the lower abdomen that connects the previous two incisions

Using these incisions, the plastic surgeon is able to revise the underlying structures of the abdominal area, remove excess fat, and get rid of unneeded skin and other tissue. The remaining abdominal skin is pulled tighter and sutured in place.

Tummy Tuck Recovery

Patients will be instructed to take about two to three weeks off from work so they can heal properly. Rest and avoidance of strenuous physical activity are key during this time. Some walking around the home will be recommended to prevent the formation of blood clots in the legs. Patients will also be asked to drain their surgical sites through specially placed tubes.

Following the surgery, patients will have a few follow-up visits with their surgeon in order to ensure proper recovery and that there are no indications of complications.

Additional Tummy Tuck Options

There’s more than one type of tummy tuck available. The incisions can be adjusted for men who need less revision of the lower abdomen (mini tummy tuck) or who require a substantial revision of the lower abdomen and flanks (extended tummy tuck).

Tummy Tuck Results

The results of tummy tuck surgery can be dramatic. Men will have no drooping or excess skin along the lower belly area, and they will have a much trimmer and more pleasing silhouette. While there is scarring after surgery, these scars can be concealed by most clothing and will fade with time.

Learn More About Tummy Tuck

To learn more about tummy tuck and whether or not it’s an ideal option for you and your needs, be sure to contact an experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon today. We look forward to your visit and discussing your surgical options in much greater detail.

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