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Apr 08 2014

Small Breast Implants: Pros vs. Cons

Bethesda Small Breast Implants

Bethesda Small Breast ImplantsWhen first considering a breast augmentation, it’s natural to envision the desired appearance of your breasts and come to an early decision regarding implant size. However, many factors play a role in the augmentation process, and size should not be considered alone. The implant material, implant shape, surgical technique, and patient’s body type can all affect the results of augmentation. In many cases, larger implants may carry additional health risks or cosmetic drawbacks. A modest upgrade in size is often a more viable option.

If you are still deciding on the details of your augmentation, take a moment to weigh the pros and cons of smaller breast implants. By taking each factor into account and coming to an informed decision, you can help ensure a successful and satisfying procedure. 

Health Benefits of Small Implants

Smaller implants can provide certain advantages immediately after surgery and in the long-term future. Although specific advantages vary among patients at our Bethesda clinic, it is reasonable to expect the following benefits to at least some degree:

  • Less tissue damage: The smaller an implant is, the less tissue needs to be removed for its pocket within the breast. Patients therefore benefit from less tissue damage during surgery and an easier recovery afterward.
  • Fewer risks and complications: Because small implants are less obtrusive and lighter, they tend to result in fewer post-surgical complications such as capsular contracture, sagging, and double-bubble. This also means a lower chance of revision surgery.
  • Improved comfort: Even after recovery, smaller implants are simply easier on the body and more comfortable on a day-to-day basis. When women undergo a more dramatic increase in breast size, it can lead to excessive stress on the shoulders, neck, and back.

Furthermore, some patients are not well suited for large implants in the first place. Women with a smaller breast base can only support certain sizes before posing additional risks to the body. Small implants can still provide an adequate enhancement, however, especially when coupled with an appropriate profile. To learn more about how implant size and profile will affect your results, speak with an experienced plastic surgeon

Additional Benefits

Smaller implants can also provide cosmetic benefits and convenience for the right candidates. First, consider that they do not change the shape of the breast as drastically, and therefore often result in a more natural appearance. This difference is particularly true for saline implants, which can make breasts appear unnaturally rounded. Patients with relatively small breasts before augmentation should also be wary of oversized implants, as a lack of breast tissue will result in breasts revealing the implants’ shape more noticeably.

With small implants, patients also have additional options for surgery. For some patients, it may be possible to utilize periareolar incisions in conjunction with silicone implants, both of which have their own cosmetic advantages. In other cases, a surgeon may be more comfortable performing a transaxillary incision (under the armpit) with smaller implants. 

Drawbacks to Small Implants

By opting for smaller implants, a patient does not put herself at any greater medical risk. However, if the decision is not made carefully and in accordance with a patient’s personal goals for cosmetic surgery, the augmentation may be underwhelming. As a result, such women may find themselves undergoing revision surgery to gain a more significant enhancement. Even when patients’ expectations are met initially, some choose to further augment their size in a follow-up procedure.

Thus, it is crucial to speak with your plastic surgeon at length about all of your augmentation options. By establishing clear and reasonable expectations for treatment, you can achieve your desired results the first time around.

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