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Mar 14 2014

Choosing Large Breast Implants for Your Breast Augmentation

Bethesda Large Breast Implants

Bethesda Large Breast ImplantsWhen you feel dissatisfied with your small breasts, or you simply desire a larger bust, breast augmentation provides you with the option to increase your breast size with implants. However, choosing large breast implants brings with it unique benefits and risks. Before you make your final decision, speaking with your plastic surgeon, Dr. Oldham, at his Bethesda plastic surgery center, will help you decide if large breast implants are well suited to your goals. By receiving his full explanation regarding the benefits and potential risks, you will be able to make your final decision with confidence.

What Are the Benefits of Large Breast Implants?

By achieving the larger breasts you desire, you may enjoy a wide variety of benefits. Paying attention to the advantages of your chosen implant size will help you make your final decision, particularly when weighing the benefits against potential risks. Consider the following advantages of choosing large breast implants:

  • An instant boost in self-esteem by achieving the body you desire
  • An improved, more proportionate appearance if you began with small breasts
  • You may feel more feminine with a curvier appearance
  • You may become more noticeable and feel more desirable to potential partners or your significant other

What Are the Risks Associated with Large Breast Implants?

As with any surgery, choosing breast augmentation brings with it certain risks. However, choosing large breast implants includes risks specific to selecting a more sizable implant. Consider the following potentially negative side effects of large breast implants:

  • You may experience back or shoulder discomfort, as your body supports larger breasts and greater weight
  • You may need to purchase different clothing to accommodate your new bust
  • Placing large implants increases your risk of complications during surgery in comparison to the placement of smaller implants, because your surgeon may need to push your body’s limits to make room for the large implant
  • You may garner more attention than you feel comfortable receiving, or your figure may look out of proportion if you choose an extremely large breast size
  • Like natural breasts, the increased weight of your implants may result in sagging, which may require subsequent revisional surgeries

Reducing Your Risks with a Highly Trained Surgeon

Any surgery is accompanied by risks for complication throughout the procedure. In addition, when you choose a procedure that requires your surgeon to stretch your body, and that requires your body to support something beyond what it is accustomed to, the risk for complication increases. Fortunately, choosing a highly-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience and a solid reputation greatly reduces the chances for complications.

Roger J. Oldham, MD, FACS, has been considered “Top Plastic Surgeon” in the Washington, DC area for nearly 20 years, and belongs to a wide array of medical associations. He has the expertise that allows him to carefully plan your procedure, choose large breast implants that will work for your body, and quickly address unforeseen events throughout your surgery, so you experience a successful augmentation.

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