Apr 23 2012

Did you know that Blepharoplasty is 4th most popular procedure among women? Bethesda Plastic Surgeon Shares


In his decades of experience in plastic surgery, Dr. Roger J. Oldham has performed countless  facial rejuvenation  procedures to end the signs of aging. In men and women alike, the thin skin around the eyes can lose elasticity over time. Often this produces a secondary and undesired affect of sagging skin that can begin to affect eye sight if left untreated.  With Blepharoplasty, plastic surgeons like Dr. Oldham can alleviate not only the symptoms but also the cause of puffy or loose eyelids.

Blepharoplasty is a procedure designed to treat the eyelids. Some patients opt for upper lift alone or lower lift alone. Most often, however, patients opt for the combined procedure which treats both upper and lower eyelids. When you take some time to look at these patients before and after blepharoplasty (eyelid lift surgery) with Dr. Oldham, you can see the pleasing, natural-looking results of blepharoplasty.  What you cannot see, however, is signs of the procedure. Through a specialized procedural strategy and advanced surgical technique, Dr. Oldham is able to perform blepharoplasty with minimized scarring.

Please contact Dr. Oldham to schedule your initial consultation. Dr. Oldham always meets with patients personally and arranges a series of visits before the procedure to ensure that expectations of surgery are effectively communicated.  If you would simply like to inquire about a blepharoplasty price estimate, feel free to call our office directly.

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