Oct 31 2011

Do genetic factors have you worried? Don’t worry with in-office mole removal in Bethesda


Dr. Roger J. Oldham is a cosmetic plastic surgeon whose practice has been established in Bethesda for more than 20 years.  Visited often by patients seeking cosmetic treatments and procedures, Dr. Oldham is well known for his skillful surgical hand and pleasing results.  But, did you know that Dr. Oldham is sought just as often for his innovations in in-office mole removal?  Each week, Dr. Oldham performs numerous outpatient procedures to remove skin lesions and prevent the occurrence of skin cancer in his patients.

For skin lesion and mole removal to be so effective, much of the vigilance relies on you as the patient. There are some things that you can never control including a genetic predisposition to skin cancer. But, you can regularly observe your moles for changes. Just as we are encouraged to listen to what our bodies tell us, moles can tell us a lot. Any change in symmetry, borders, color, or diameter is worth paying attention to. Healthy, benign moles are symmetrical, clearly outlined, tan or light brown in color, and no larger than a pencil eraser. If you have noticed differences in your moles or skin lesions, perhaps it’s time to call Dr. Oldham. Just look at the amazing work he has done in caring for these patients before and after mole removal with Dr. Oldham.

Dr. Oldham’s practice sets aside two days each week for seeing patients and for in-office mole removal outpatient procedures. Contact Dr. Oldham's Bethesda, Maryland practice to schedule your mole/skin lesion removal consultation.

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