Sep 23 2011

Strong Products, Gentle Treatment: Chemical Peel in Bethesda, Maryland


In his 25+ years of experience, the Bethesda plastic surgery practice of Dr. Roger J. Oldham has undergone many changes. Not only does Dr. Oldham now offer in-office mole removal for safe, convenient outpatient procedures, but he also sets aside an entire day of seeing patients so that they can receive skincare health treatments in a clean, serene environment.  Dr. Oldham’s esthetician offers a number of treatments, but microdermabrasion and chemical peel are perhaps most popular.

Lasting a little less than an hour, a chemical peel is a skin treatment designed to exfoliate the skin deeper than at-home face washes and blackhead skin strips can ever hope to. A chemical peel sounds abrasive but don’t let the name fool you. The treatment is applied through a series of cooling applications and a final deep-cleansing mask.  You will receive individual attention during the duration of the chemical peel, and the office books no other patients when you are receiving your care. This ensures a quiet and peaceful environment for your chemical peel experience.

Interested in chemical peel for yourself? A friend?  Dr. Oldham reserves Wednesdays for our spa-like skin treatments. Consider visiting us for a lunchtime treatment and we’ll have you back at your desk before no time. 

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