Sep 17 2011

Natural-looking breasts with Breast Augmentation surgery in Bethesda, Maryland


When you explore various plastic surgeons for your breast augmentation, what are you looking for? A board certified plastic surgeon with experience? A surgeon with 10, 20, 25+ years of experience? A local doctor familiar with the community and service at local area hospitals and conveniently located surgery centers? Dr. Roger J. Oldham satisfies all of these criteria and more. As a board certified plastic surgeon in Bethesda, Dr. Oldham’s experience performing breast surgery, and breast augmentation especially, is unmatched both in number and excellence.

When women visit Dr. Oldham in Bethesda to discuss breast augmentation surgery, there are a number of questions Dr. Oldham often asks. He will ask you what your expectations of surgery are, including the cup size you desire, as well as the shape of the breasts you find most ideal for your body.  Dr. Oldham will also explain the procedure completely including providing information about implants (silicone and saline), and providing even more pictures of patients before and after breast augmentation surgery than are featured on our website.

If Dr. Oldham sounds like the right surgeon for your breast augmentation, consider calling our office to set a date and time for your personal consultation with Dr. Oldham.  And remember, you are encouraged to bring your own pictures to the conversation so that Dr. Oldham can make sure the results of your breast augmentation are ideal.

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