Sep 14 2011

Troubled by age spots? Sun spots? Laser treatment of Lentigo in Bethesda, Maryland


Dr. Roger J. Oldham is a board certified plastic surgeon practicing in Bethesda, Maryland.  His 25+ experience has seen significant growth in the plastic surgery profession, including wonderful developments to aid patients in their life-long pursuit of skincare health.  Several treatments are available for patients looking to explore the unmatched results of skin care with a plastic surgeon/esthetician, including microdermabrasion, chemical peel, and laser treatments for sun/age spots and capillaries or surface veins.

Laser treatment of lentigo (age/sun spots) is a new and revolutionary way to remove blemishes from the skin that are unrelated to oils or dirt penetrating your pores.  Rather, sun spots or age spots (called lentigo) are nearly impossible to treat at home, and attempting to do so is often unsafe.  Lentigo (age/sun spots) present in the skin over time and are therefore deeper in the skin tissue than surface blemishes. It is not, however, as deep as birth-related marks like freckles so they are more treatable. This is why the heat of the laser is so very effective in treating them. Designed to identify differences in pigmentation, the laser can help break up the darker pigmentation so that the melanocytes which cause the darkening of skin can be effectively absorbed into the layers of the skin.

Schedule your laser treatment appointment today! Dr. Oldham regularly provides laser treatment to patients including not only lentigo, but also laser hair removal. And both treatments can be done on the same day as long as the area of the skin being treated is different.

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