Aug 31 2011

Bethesda-style Mommy Makeover: Breast Lift and Augmentation with Roger J. Oldham, MD


One population with which board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Roger J. Oldham is very familiar is women who have had children.  With breast surgery and body contouring surgeries, Dr. Oldham has cared for countless women who desire their pre-childbirth body or at least a reshaping of the abdomen and/or breasts. Commonly referred to as a “Mommy Makeover,” procedures like abdominoplasty and combined breast lift and/or breast augmentation get their name because they are so effective for women who desire the changes they offer.

For example, breast lift surgery with implants is a popular combined surgical procedure which Dr. Roger J. Oldham has performed for 25+ years.  Combined breast lift and augmentation removes excess skin like breast lift but also adds volume like breast augmentation as breastfeeding can sometimes lead to a loss in volume over time and multiple pregnancies.  As seen in these pictures of patients before and after combined breast lift and breast augmentation, the procedure can be unique for every patient and every beautiful body.

If you are an ideal candidate for this procedure, call to inquire about your personal consultation with Dr. Oldham and feel free to ask for a combined breast lift and augmentation price estimate.  Surgeries are scheduled shortly after the initial consultation and in the interim, Dr. Oldham meets with patients at least once more before surgery to discuss desired results. 

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