Jul 20 2011

Before your Breast Reduction surgery: Plastic Surgeon Dr. Roger J. Oldham advises patients


Did you know that Bethesda, Maryland is host to a plastic surgery practice run by a surgeon with more than 25 years of experience in the Washington D.C. area?  Did you know that this same plastic surgeon has performed countless breast surgery procedures, including breast lift, breast augmentation, and breast reduction?   Dr. Roger J. Oldham is a board certified plastic surgeon who offers Breast reduction surgery to patients displeased with the large size of their breasts.  This procedure is increasingly popular as recent studies, in addition to anecdotal personal experience, have proven its effectiveness in alleviating neck and back pain related to excessively large breasts.

There are a number of actions patients can do in order to prepare for surgery, and it includes much more than taking a few ever multivitamin supplements.  For breast reduction surgery, insurance claim acceptance rates are falling—fast. Fortunately, your best offense is a good defense. “Document everything,” says Dr. Oldham. “The more you document your history of back pain and failed alternative treatments, such as chiropractics, physical therapy, and home remedies/exercises, the more evidence insurance companies have to connect the breast reduction with a treatment for the associated pain and discomfort large breasts can cause.”  Of course, every insurance plan is different and this is not a guarantee by any means. It’s simply the best advice we can offer so that your chances are at their best.  And, after surgery, Dr. Oldham knows you’ll be looking and feeling your best, confident in the results, just like these patients before and after breast reduction surgery.

When you prepare for your personal consultation with Dr. Oldham, feel free to bring any and all questions you have about the procedure, including price and breast reduction recovery. Dr. Oldham always provides patients with a complete explanation of the procedure and allows adequate time for sharing your desired results and answering your curious inquiries.

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