Jul 11 2011

Neck Lift surgery thins and slims your facial profile, says Bethesda Plastic Surgeon


In Bethesda, Maryland, there are a number of plastic surgeons who care for patients through excellence in care. Dr. Roger J. Oldham is among them and has been voted one of Bethesda’s Best Plastic Surgeons.  Dr. Oldham’s experience carries extensive emphasis in Facial surgery such as blepharoplasty, facelift, brow lift, and neck lift. These procedures are especially effective in targeting signs of aging in the facial features according to patient preferences—a goal Dr. Oldham always prioritizes.

Neck lift surgery is a procedure which achieves facial rejuvenation through the removal of excess skin and the reshaping of the neck.  Patients who seek neck lift often desire a sleek neck in order to accent the naturally-beautiful profile of their face.  Aging can sometimes lead these sharp features to fade but neck lift surgery can re-establish the facial profile as it removes the excess skin—the real cause of the problematic symptoms.  Neck lift surgery is performed through a small incision under the chin—an incision site which is nearly invisible to others but which allows plastic surgeons like Dr. Oldham access to the tissue for removal and reshaping, as seen in these images before and after neck lift surgery.

Dr. Oldham’s Bethesda plastic surgery practice is located on Fernwood Rd, near the I-495/I-270 Interchange.  Call us today to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Oldham and be sure to inquire about a neck lift price estimate, recovery time, and surgery length in addition to any other questions you might have regarding Dr. Oldham and the procedure itself. 

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