Jun 03 2011

5 Million Americans don’t lie: Botox Most Popular Facelift Alternative, says Bethesda Plastic Surgeon


With the advent of non-surgical facelift alternatives like Botox, plastic surgeons like Dr. Roger J. Oldham were optimistic about the results and the satisfaction patients would receive from such treatments.  Dr. Oldham is a board certified plastic surgeon whose 25 years of experience simply did not see anything similar to the phenomenal response Botox received from patients.  Botox is one of many skin enhancement treatments offered patients of Dr. Oldham’s Bethesda plastic surgery practice.

Botox has become a very popular rejuvening product.  The 2010 statistics just recently released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons touts the product as having been administered to over 5 million patients last year.  5 million; that’s a number never before seen by cosmetic surgeons or the ASPS.    So what’s all the hype?  The results of Botox injections, as seen in these patients of Dr. Oldham before and after Botox, can be dramatic yet beautifully natural-looking. Botox is also very versatile and can be injected at the site of wrinkle formation to prevent the deepening of fine lines from natural expressions that form folds in the face.

If you would like to meet with an experienced plastic surgeon to learn about Botox for yourself, call our office.  Our friendly office staff will help you make the appointment for your Botox consultation and first injection.


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