May 26 2011

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments like Laser Hair Removal in Bethesda, Maryland


What could have possible driven more than 1 million American men and women to seek the services of a plastic surgeon last year? Dr. Roger J. Oldham knows the answer: laser hair removal.  Dr. Oldham is a plastic surgeon who has spent more than 25 years caring for men and women with non-surgical skin enhancement treatments like microdermabrasion, chemical peel, and laser hair removal.  But that’s not all a laser can do.

With the invention of the laser, several fields benefited from the advent of this remarkable technology: medicine was now able to perform surgical procedures without a scalpel, industry giants developed revolutionary welding and measuring techniques, and cosmetic surgeons developed skincare treatments like laser hair removal, treatment of capillaries and lentigo (spider veins and age spots).  Up nearly 5% from 2009, laser hair removal has now reached one million patients each year.  It is ranked as the #1 most popular minimally-invasive procedure in plastic surgery.   Laser treatments can help you too!

Call Dr. Oldham today if you would like to hear more about the range of laser treatments we offer.  Dr. Oldham’s skilled technician will walk you through the process as you receive your first treatment the day of the appointment.


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