May 07 2011

Natural-looking results with Facelift surgery in Bethesda, Maryland


Facelift surgery is a procedure which falls under the category of facial rejuvenation, meaning that it is part of a family of surgeries that treat only those signs of aging that present in the face.  Treatment of specific features and areas of the face can be targeted through neck lift, brow lift, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), and FaceliftDr. Roger J. Oldham has built a reputation of excellence in the Bethesda area for his decades of experience and excellence in service.

Facelift surgery, as performed by Dr. Oldham, achieves dramatic yet natural-looking results.  While the difference pre- and post-operatively might seem dramatically different, part of the art of facelift surgery—as Dr. Oldham has shared—is balancing the desire for dramatic results with the desire for results that leave patients still feeling like themselves and looking very natural.  The patients pictured in these before and after facelift surgery photos sought this balance and with Dr. Oldham’s help, they achieved it.

You too can achieve results through a conversation during your cosmetic consultation with Dr. Oldham.  Dr. Oldham sets aside time to discuss the procedure and—more importantly—discuss what patients desire from it. Call us today.

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