Mar 28 2011

Smooth that furrowed brow: Ask Bethesda Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Roger J. Oldham


When Dr. Roger J. Oldham became a cosmetic surgeon, he pledged his career to caring for patients who felt that cosmetic surgery would aid in a feeling of esteemed personal confidence.  Since that pledge was made, over 25 years ago, Dr. Oldham has been performing cosmetic and reconstructive procedures for men and women in Bethesda, Maryland.  A forehead lift or brow lift procedure is just one of many included in facial rejuvenation (which also encompasses facelift, neck lift, and blepharoplasty).

Because facial rejuvenation procedures are so successful, they are often very popular and highly sought after.  Brow lift, for example, has the ability to re-contour the forehead by elevating the brows.  The low eyebrows often accompany very deep wrinkles that cause the brow to appear furrowed.  This in turn creates an expression of emotion that might be inaccurate. Patients often complain to Dr. Oldham that friends and family are always asking if they are tired, when, in reality, they feel as young as they’ve ever felt. The brow lift procedure smoothes these wrinkles, alleviating misunderstood expressions, as seen in these patients before and after brow (forehead) lift surgery.

Call our Bethesda office today to schedule your brow lift consultation with Dr. Oldham. When you meet with Dr. Oldham, you will discuss the procedure, cost, benefits, length of surgery, and recovery time related to brow lift.

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