Dr. Oldham is announcing that Covid-19 realities have led him to accelerate his timetable for retirement.  Dr. Michael Vincent, a widely respected local plastic surgeon, has agreed to be available to see Dr. Oldham's patients who need plastic surgery services. Rated as a "Top Plastic Surgeon" by Washingtonian Magazine, Dr. Vincent also served as Consultant to the White House and Congress and as surgeon for two past Presidents before starting his career in private practice in Rockville.  

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Mar 22 2011

How is Botox applied? Dr. Roger J. Oldham, Bethesda Plastic Surgeon explains Botox injections

In his 25+ years of experience in plastic surgeon, Dr. Roger J. Oldham has seen a number of skin enhancement treatments hit the market for popular use: collagen, Juvederm, Radiesse, and Botox.  Each of these skin enhancement product offers patients very different applications and advantages.  Botox, for example is a proactive, preventative treatment that attempts to stop the formation of wrinkles in the face by limiting the muscle reflexes in areas of the face (brow, eyes, nose and more).  But how is Botox applied?

Botox is what is called an injectable.  Unlike injectable fillers, like those mentioned above, it is not used to “fill” wrinkles in an attempt to smooth the skin. Rather, Botox weakens the facial muscles that cause wrinkles in order to discourage wrinkles from forming in the first place.  To do this, the Botox must be injected into the facial muscle to precisely target small areas. Fortunately, because the skin of the face is so thin and elastic, facial muscles responsible for wrinkles are relatively superficial and closer to the surface.  This means injections are shallow and made with very small needles.  Few patients complain about discomfort after treatment. Instead, they rave about the dramatic differences they see in their skin before and after Botox.

Make an appointment to meet with Dr. Oldham and you could have your first Botox injection that day!  When you call Dr. Oldham, be sure to ask about the price of injections. We can provide an estimate over the phone and a more precise figure the day of treatment.

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