Mar 21 2011

Combined procedure means twice the results: Breast Lift and Augmentation in Bethesda, MD

Dr. Roger J. Oldham is a board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon who has performed breast surgery in Bethesda and Washington D.C. for more than 25 years.  His experience with breast surgery includes breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, and combined breast augmentation and lift is a popular combined surgical procedure which Dr. Roger J. Oldham has performed for 25+ years. Surgeries are popular to combine these days as they increase results, reduce cost, and approach cosmetic surgery in a safe, effective manner.

With the use of breast implants, the new shape of the breasts that usually comes from breast lift surgery, is then augmented to increase volume and firmness at the same time.  The procedure is conducted in the same manner as other breast surgery, with an incision around the areola, down the breast and underneath in the breast’s natural fold.  After surgery, scars should be minimized due to Dr. Oldham’s experience with plastic surgery closing techniques, but any difference in skin color is hidden in the natural fold of the breast, as seen in these pictures of patients before and after combined breast lift and breast augmentation.

If you are interested in talking with Dr. Oldham about combined breast lift and augmentation, please  call to schedule your personal consultation.  You will have significant time with Dr. Oldham to discuss what you desire from the surgery, to hear the procedure explained, and to ask any questions you might have about recovery, cost, etc.


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