Mar 19 2011

Resize and Reshape breasts with Breast Reduction surgery in Bethesda, Maryland

Have you tried everything? Weight loss? Supportive bras? Physical therapy? Chiropractice?  If you are still dissatisfied with the large size of your breasts, Dr. Roger J. Oldham, Bethesda board-certified plastic surgeon, understands and wants to help.  Breast reduction surgery is a surgical alternative that helps women with large breasts by removing excess tissue and relocating drifting nipples.  Breast reduction surgery is recommended for women who have maintained a regular weight and who have experienced other health conditions because of the breasts.

With breast reduction surgery, patients can finally experience relief.  Large breasts can place pressure on the lower back because their weight is simply more than the abdominal muscles can support.  The added weight on the support system of the bra often leads to shoulder groves and discomfort. We understand that no bra is entirely comfortable when the breasts are so large. Breast reduction surgery can help you get down to a more reasonable and comfortable cup size.  When you come to see Dr. Oldham, be prepared to discuss the desired size, and feel free to bring pictures along.  Maybe you’ll find some of these helpful: pictures of patients before and after breast reduction surgery with Dr. Oldham.

Come see us at our office in Bethesda, Maryland. We are conveniently located at the I-495/I-1270 Spur, near Democracy Blvd and not far from Montgomery Mall.  

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