Mar 17 2011

With in-office Mole Removal in Bethesda, you won’t need the luck of the Irish to be skin cancer free!

There are some aspects of our skin that cannot be prevented (genetics, for one). But, there is preventative action that research from the American Cancer Society has proven to be effective. Dr. Roger J. Oldham is a cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon in Bethesda, Maryland that is dedicated to such prevention through skin lesion and mole removal.  Dr. Oldham also performs skin cancer removal and MOHS closure for skin cancer patients.

Through the convenience of in-office mole removal, Dr. Oldham’s patients can come for an office visit, leave about 45 minutes later, and be lesion-free.  The outpatient procedures are often brief and because they only require local anesthesia, they won’t occupy your entire day’s schedule.  After every procedure, Dr. Oldham submits the specimen to a lab which participates with your health insurance. This testing is to ensure that the entire lesion was removed (they can identify the margins) and to check for atypical or pre-cancerous cells in the sample.  Usually within three days , we have results and contact patients with the news.  Dr. Oldham’s skillful technique leaves peace of mind and usually no visible scarring, as with these patients before and after mole removal with Dr. Oldham.

Call today to schedule your appointment. You will meet the doctor for diagnosis and suggested treatment, and the very next visit, you will be lesion free!

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