Feb 19 2011

Skin Rejuvenation to Prevent Early Aging: Chemical Peel with Bethesda Plastic Surgeon

When board certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Roger J. Oldham entered the field of plastic surgery more than 25 years ago, patients had only reactive options for anti-aging skincare treatment.  Very few treatments existed for preventative care to prevent the signs of again before they became visible.  Today, skin enhancement treatments are provided by plastic surgeons like Dr. Oldham who care for your skin’s health, vitality, and youthful appearance.  One such treatment is a chemical peel. 

A chemical peel is a physician-only procedure. It is performed only under the supervision of plastic surgeons themselves, or their licensed estheticians.  The reason for this is the products used during the chemical peel. In the same way that your dentist cleans your teeth comprehensively, or your hairdresser styles your hair in ways unachievable at home, a chemical peel involves physician-grade products.  The treatment consists of a group of products that are applied to your skin in a particular order and time frame.  The peel itself, however, is a procedure that feels particularly relaxing and wonderful after your skin has been prepped and cleansed.  You will notice a glow immediately after treatment, and the benefits of such clean and healthy skin will continue to be visible to both you and others for weeks, even months.

When you call to schedule your skincare treatment, you will likely be scheduled for a Wednesday, a day our office reserves for procedures like chemical peel and microdermabrasion.  Our office is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm for your convenience. 


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