Feb 12 2011

Safe, convenient, quick: in-office Mole Removal in Bethesda, Maryland

For more than 25 years, Dr. Roger J. Oldham has dedicated his plastic surgery practice to care through cosmetic procedures.  But did you also know his practice has always focused heavily on skincare health through skin lesion and mole removal?  Dr. Oldham’s Bethesda practice hosts the Bethesda Surgery Center, a facility which allows for outpatient procedures like in-office mole removal.  With a plastic surgeon, the removal of moles and other skin lesions becomes a safe yet brief treatment, allowing peace of mind and the benefits of minimized scarring through specialized plastic surgery incision-closing techniques.

As with many issues of our health, being proactive and vigilant is usually the best route.  Watching moles for changes is a large part of skincare health.  Changes in symmetry (moles should be round), borders (should be clearly defined), color (should be tannish-brown), diameter (should be no larger than a pencil eraser’s diameter), or any other features are cause for concern.  For decades now, treatment of skin lesions has become as simple as a visit to the doctor, especially when those like Dr. Oldham can perform surgery in-office.  In just two appointments, you can be satisfied knowing the risk has been confronted.   Dr. Oldham submits all skin lesion specimens to the lab for pathological testing.  Results are typically shared with patients within three days, which means no extended periods of anxious waiting.  See the amazing results of a plastic surgeon’s skincare treatments in these pictures of patients before and after mole removal with Dr. Oldham.

Schedule your visits by calling Dr. Oldham’s Bethesda office today. We are open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.  Surgeries are performed twice a week to ensure timely and convenient care for your skin.

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