Feb 09 2011

“I wish I’d done it sooner!” says Dr. Oldham’s pleased Breast Reduction patient

In his 25 years of experience, Dr. Roger J. Oldham has committed his cosmetic surgery practice to caring for patients who desire a certain difference in their personal appearance.  Our outside appearance can be so very influential in what we think about ourselves on the inside.  Women, for example, often feel dissatisfied with their breasts and over the decades American women have sought a wide range of breast surgery options: breast augmentation, breast lift (without implants), breast lift (with implants), and Breast reduction surgery.  With breast reduction especially, Dr. Oldham feels like he is able to give Bethesda women their lives back.  Many patients express their satisfaction with the procedure, but lament how long they waited to have it.

Where breast augmentation adds volume to the breasts, breast reduction removes excess breast tissue and helps to reshape the breast, even relocating the nipple which may have traveled downward with weight and gravity.  Through an incision plastic surgeons call the “keyhole,” (which involves an incision around the areola down the breast and under the breast in its natural fold), Dr. Oldham is able to access the breast tissue and seamlessly close to minimize scarring post surgery.  Breast reduction surgery patients have said that the procedure gave them their lives back; no more back pain, bra strap indentations, and difficulty with physical exercise.  See the results for yourself in these pictures of patients before and after breast reduction surgery with Dr. Oldham.

Curious about the cost of breast reduction surgery? Wondering what role your insurance company can play in payment? Contact our office via the link about, and speak with Janet, our patient counselor, who can help you with these inquiries.

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