Jan 13 2011

Breast Lift with Implants: increasingly popular, says Dr. Oldham, Bethesda Plastic Surgeon

When Dr. Roger J. Oldham, board certified Bethesda plastic surgeon, began his practice more than 25 years ago, cosmetic breast surgery was limited to breast augmentation or breast reduction and implant options were not as varied as they are today. But, with advances in plastic surgery procedures, combined breast lift surgery with breast augmentation surgery (breast implants), has become an effective option for many women.  Dr. Oldham’s years of experience with breast lift surgery and breast augmentation surgery, makes him an ideal candidate for your choice of plastic surgeon.

The advantages of combined breast lift and augmentation are numerous.  For many women, aging does not only cause the skin of the breasts to stretch and sag, but lifestyle factors like pregnancy and breastfeeding also cause the breasts to lose volume.  As seen in these patients before and after combined breast lift and breast augmentation, the procedure works to both firm up the breast shape, and revive the breasts to a more natural size.   Incisions are made underneath the breasts to ensure inconspicuous and minimized post-operative scarring.  Plastic surgery, as a field, continues to listen to the needs of patients. 

Contact Dr. Oldham's Bethesda office to talk with the doctor and discuss which breast surgery option would be best for you.  Our office is conveniently located in Bethesda, near the I-270/I-495 spur, on Democracy Boulevard.

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