Dec 06 2010

Ear Pinning more common among mature children, says Bethesda Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Roger J. Oldham

As a board certified plastic surgeon with more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Roger J. Oldham has met with a diverse group of patients over the years.  With as diverse a range of procedures, both cosmetic (facelift, breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, etc.) and reconstructive (mole removal, earlobe repair, laser for lentigo, etc.), Dr. Oldham is able to meet the needs of his patients, no matter which area of the body they demonstrate concern for. He serves women, men, younger older, and he even treats children for protruding ears with a procedure known as Otoplasty (reshaping of the ear). 

If you are considering ear contouring surgery for your child, Dr. Oldham can truly be an asset for you.  With such positive results as those demonstrated in the photo gallery, you can see the effectiveness of the procedure for yourself.  Dr. Oldham and most plastic surgeons advise patients to wait until their son or daughter turns five to six years old.  Waiting until that time ensures the developmental maturity of your child as well as securing a window of treatment that could prevent hurtful teasing before it begins in later years of elementary school.  Ear contouring is a relatively simple outpatient procedure that involves making an incision behind the ear in order to mold the cartilage, after which Dr. Oldham sutures the incision.   Recovery time is relatively brief: a week or less, and some parents have compared the procedure and their children’s reaction to having teeth pulled.

Please contact Dr. Oldham's Bethesda practice  if you’d like to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Oldham to discuss the option that is right for your child. 


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