Feb 26 2010

Bethesda, Maryland: Chin Augmentation with a board-certified plastic surgeon

The plastic surgery practice of Dr. Roger J. Oldham has gained immense recognition from the Bethesda area and beyond for his expertise in chin augmentation (chin implant) surgery. Dr. Oldham, board certified plastic surgeon, has more than 25 years of experience with facial plastic surgery procedures including chin augmentation (chin implant) surgery. Chin augmentation (implant) surgery is often sought by Bethesda patients who feel that the proportions of their face are asymmetrical or unpleasing to the eye. Dr. Oldham understands the self-esteem that is rooted in physical appearance and encourages patients to meet with him for a full 30-minute personal consultation so that he can fully understand their dissatisfaction.

For many people, a proportional chin can aid significantly in balancing the facial profile, producing a look of symmetry in the face. Some people, however, feel that their chin is lacking in this area, denying the natural beauty of their appearance through adverse effects including a less prominent jaw line and a more prominent nasal profile. Chin augmentation (chin implant) surgery is performed through a small incision under the chin which allows access to the affected area, the insertion of the implant, and the minimization of post-operative scarring. Compared to other plastic surgery procedures, chin implant surgery is relatively less expensive, and the recovery time averages five to seven days. Dr. Oldham’s decades of experience with chin augmentation surgery can be viewed at his photo gallery, where he hosts several photos of chin implant before and after.

Dr. Roger J. Oldham’s conveniently-located Bethesda, Maryland plastic surgery office sees patients in Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland: Silver Spring, Rockville, Chevy Chase, Olney, Bethesda, Potomac, Gaithersburg, Great Falls, Fairfax, Tysons, McLean, Annandale, Reston, Arlington, and Alexandria.

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