Jan 09 2010

“Facelift surgery remains popular among women” says Dr. Roger J. Oldham plastic surgeon in Bethesda Maryland

Dr. Roger J. Oldham, a certified plastic surgeon with the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, performs facelifts and other face rejuvenation surgery in the Bethesda area. Dr. Oldham has been voted “Bethesda’s Best Plastic Surgeon” and has been on the Washingtonian “Best Doctor” list for over 15 years. In Bethesda, Maryland, facelift surgery has been performed at the cosmetic and reconstructive surgery practice of Dr. Roger J. Oldham for over 25 years. That’s why Dr. Roger J. Oldham is a “Top Doc.”

Facial rejuvenation surgery may involve procedures of the face including a facelift. The facelift is often portrayed and perceived as a procedure which overzealously pulls the skin of the face. Dr. Oldham performs the facelift procedure in such a way that the facial tissues are lifted and redraped to achieve a very natual result so that patients look younger, well rested and very natural with none of the side effects which lo0k like a facelift has been performed. Despite the fact that facelift surgery is sometime portrayed in a negative light, facelift is among the most common plastic surgery procedure in women, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Roger J. Oldham understands a patient’s desire to feel aesthetically satisfied with their appearance and with themselves. Call his Bethesda plastic surgery practice to schedule your personal 30-minute consultation.

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