May 09 2008

It seems as though there are a number of options for placement of the incisions in breast implant surgery. Where are the incisions located, and how does one choose one incision placement over another?

The most commonly used incisions for breast augmentation are around the areolar (the pigmented skin around the nipple) and in the crease under the breast.  While most scars are rather conspicuous, there is a lot of variation in the appearance of incision scars from one person to the next.  With breast augmentation, there will always be an incision scar.  An incision line around the areolar is often less noticeable than one in the crease under the breast.  However, the areolar incision line is visible in the upright position as well as in the lying position whereas an incision in the breast crease is hidden in the standing or sitting position.  Other incision locations include the armpit and around the navel.  Many plastic surgeons, however, feel that these incisions are too far from the breast to get an optimal placement of the implants.

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